7/13/2013 Mastiff ‘puppies’ finally home

They finally came home, enjoying their new property

Supranee finally gets to cuddle with her puppy Dutch on her birthday 7/24/2013

Bobby Sadler did alot of work to help us move in, put in the back fence

Mastiffs get to enjoy their new backyard

Front gate also put it

Had zero landscaping so started out with flagstone walkway, little did I know what it would turn into…

This is not what wife had in mine when I told her I got her a big rock =D

7/7/2014 2 days before inspection and move in!

Internet set up, home inspection tomorrow, driveway hopefully Thursday *crosses fingers (This is looking back, I was staying in hotel but took off work to finish house with builder, was in the middle of a TXU upgrade but for our sanity had to take 2 weeks off while Diane was out of town in New York)

This is Tier One guy pointing to the satellite, looking back we should have went with another service provider

Ended up getting inspected on 7/8/2014! Moved in what a relief!

6/25/2014 So close yet so far

super impatient with builder, electric (Oncor), water (City of Glenn Heights), inspections (City of Oak Leaf) Oncor decided to finally install the meter after 3 weeks…

fed up with all of it and decided to take a roadtrip with Indian motorcycle riding club in the ozarks, what a stress reliever

4/27/2014 House coming along slowly….

4 months since build and house came along slowly, at this point we were starting to get a little impatient

The build slowed down after the frame was up or maybe we were just impatient, the inspection of the electrical, ac and plumbing took awhile.

My two outside dogs survived the fire, after 8 months being boarded, they are finally home (since the water and outside fence was built we wanted to move them in to get adjusted plus we missed them alot)

Fire Hydrant almost done, city required this since we are 900 feet away from the main street, don’t ask me how much this cost… ugh

Stone, was a mixture of 45% Oklahoma, 45% millcreek and 10% ripple (cool reddish rippled stone)

Brick arrived shortly after, it’s old time brick from Hanson brick called Cajun French

Drywall almost done, should be painted white by this Sunday

Tile is here, 2800 square feet’s worth

The masons, they said it should be 7 days until completion, it ended up taking 2 months, sloppy grout left on it etc but at the time we thought it looked great, rustic look